Chrisean Rock Insists ‘I Didn’t Fight Anyone’ After Video Surfaces of Brawl

Chrisean Rock (Credit: Twitter)

Chrisean “Rock” Malone says it wasn’t me. The musician, Instagram influencer, and Zeus Network reality star is denying reports she was caught on tape brawling with two other women outside on-again, off-again boyfriend Blueface’s Los Angeles home.

“I was breaking up a fight I didn’t fight anyone,” Chrisean tweeted Sunday.

Chrisean Rock Twitter Post (Credit: Twitter)

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Her denial came during a tumultuous weekend.

The “Baddies West” personality shared an Instagram story on Friday announcing she and Blueface are expecting a baby. She included a picture of three positive pregnancy tests and asked, “Guess how many heart beats?”

She also shared a video of herself walking through a doctor’s office on the way to an examination room for a checkup. The footage shows Chrisean wearing a pink sweatsuit, and asking a nurse if she’ll be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Blueface responded to Chrisean’s posts by saying he doubts he’s the father.

“Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year. Until I see a DNA test, then it’s not mine,” he wrote. In a follow-up post, he added that the two are “done.” Meanwhile, Chrisean denied cheating.

The troubled couple star together on the Zeus reality series “Crazy in Love,” and are frequently shown getting into verbal and physical altercations.

Fast forward to Sunday and TMZ posted a video purportedly of Chrisean getting into a fight outside Blueface’s home in L.A.’s Chatsworth neighborhood.

The media outlet said the video was recorded Friday (Jan. 20) after Chrisean showed up unannounced at the rapper’s home while he was having his 26th birthday party. Blueface reportedly tried “to get away in his own vehicle,” while Chrisean tried to convince him to leave with her.

A brawl reportedly erupted between Chrisean and others at the scene.

While the reality star denies it’s her in the grainy video, the woman in the footage had on an identical pink sweatsuit to the one she wore when she made her pregnancy announcement and had a very similar hairstyle.

Watch the video below to see for yourself.

YouTube video