Brittney Griner Loses Appeal, Ordered to Serve 9-Year Sentence in Russian Penal Colony

Brittney Griner Trial Starts on July 1, 2022. (Credit: YouTube/WCBS)

A Russian court on Tuesday rejected Brittney Griner’s appeal to overturn her 9-year prison sentence.

The 32-year-old WNBA player must serve the rest of her sentence in a penal colony following her conviction on drug charges, according to CNBC.

Griner watched the hearing via closed circuit TV from the detention center where she is currently being held for possession of a small amount of cannabis oil found in her luggage.

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The two-time Olympic gold medalist’s attorney Maria Blagovolina said she is disappointed by the court’s decision and could potentially file another appeal.

“We think we should use all legal tools available but that is her decision to take,” attorney Maria Blagovolina told reporters outside of the court.

“She had some hope but that vanished today,” Blagovolina added about Griner.

Griner pleaded guilty in July and was sentenced Aug. 4, on charges of smuggling cannabis oil into Russia.

The New York Times has previously reported Russian penal colonies are “characterized by brutality, overcrowding and harsh conditions, and they are often governed by a rigid prison culture.”