‘Black Hamptons’ Creator Addresses Rumors About Show’s Future: ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet’

The Black Hamptons (Credit: BET)

The Black Hamptons creator Carl Weber says “haters” are spreading rumors about the popular BET+ limited series and he wants to set the record straight.

Weber posted an open letter on Facebook Wednesday (Sept. 21), to clear up confusion surrounding the show’s future.

“The show has not been canceled (don’t believe everything you read on the internet there are haters out there!!) it was a mini-series that was always intended to become a regular series for BET+,” Weber wrote. “However, after the disastrous ratings of another Black beach community show, the network did have some reservations, which I’m proud to say you folks blew away. BET+ has never had a show this popular.”

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The writer, producer and best-selling author was apparently referring to Martha’s Vineyard drama Our Kind of People, which was canceled in May after one season on Fox.

Weber went on to urge fans to keep watching his drama series.

“Now, the real question is, do you want it on BET or BET+ that honestly is up to you,” he continued. “If enough people watch tonight and the following 3 Wednesdays at 10PM on regular BET, they will give to you. A lot of you said you don’t want to pay for what you should get it for free. So, tonight is your chance to step or shut up.”

A rep for Weber did not immediately respond when contacted by Urban Hollywood 411 for additional comment.

The Black Hamptons is based on Weber’s novel by the same name. The series follows a brewing feud between two wealthy Black families — the Brittons and the Johnsons — in the Long Island, New York, community of Sag Harbor — known as “The Black Hamptons.”

The show was first announced in March of this year as a four-part limited series.

The ensemble cast includes Lamman Rucker, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Elise Neal, Brian White, Karon Riley, Mike Merrill, Blac Chyna, Aaron D. Spears, Daya Vaidya, Cameo Sherrell, Franklin Ojeda Smith, Jordan Smith, Jennifer Freeman, and David Andrews.

The series is written by Weber and directed by Trey Haley. It made its streaming debut on Aug. 25, before premiering on the BET cable channel.

But when fans realized there were only four episodes, they took to social media to ask for additional installments. One concerned viewer tweeted: “So they canceled the Black Hamptons already because where is episode 5 and 6 … don’t get me hooked on a show and do this CARL WEBER stop playing.”

In response to that and other tweets, a statement was posted on the show’s Twitter account on Sept. 18, saying: “NOT Cancelled. Only a 4-Episode ‘limited series’ right now. Keep pushing for us and that will, likely, change!!!”

Read Weber’s open letter below:

10 thoughts on “‘Black Hamptons’ Creator Addresses Rumors About Show’s Future: ‘Don’t Believe Everything You Read on the Internet’

  1. I really want The Black Hamptons to return. I went ahead and bought the book but seriously please return this series. Please??.

  2. I really would appreciate more episodes because it just started getting extremely good and don’t want to wonder what’s going to happen next for months up to a year

  3. Omg..im running to my dvr to see another episode and to get on here and find out its a mini series..please come back.i just told my sista to watch..we need to know how Laman gone get their @$$..lol..

  4. This is really a great show, please continue bc I need to know what happens. I’ve been telling family & friends about it.
    All the really good black shows seem to end & they keep stupid stuff on. So don’t disappoint me with this show, it should continue for another 8-12 episodes
    Thank you

  5. Leave it to the BET boardroom to f around with a show that has potential. Go on and invest that money to produce more episodes.

  6. I really wish they had at least made this a full season…it seems like they stopped it in the middle of a story line and not on a cliff hanger.

  7. Ya’ll need to stop tripping and finish the series at least! Everybody got hooked on this one. It needs to happen fast! Just sayin…

  8. My daughter called me and said Mom you must watch this new show called the Black Hamptons. I was blown away! Yeah! Ya’ll need to stop playing and make it happen…

  9. Please, please bring this show back, I just about went into shock when it stopped after 4 episodes!!!! Don’t put an end to the amazing Black Hamptons!!

  10. Didn’t realize it was only 4 episodes. I’m totally hooked. Waiting on episodes 5 and more. This is a really good show that I hope doesn’t go to waste. Please give us more

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