Beyoncé Removes Kelis Sample From ‘Renaissance’ Amid Controversy

Kelis (Credit: Shutterstock)

Beyoncé has made a second tweak to her new album Renaissance, this time removing a sample of Kelis’ hit single “Milkshake.”

The latest change came after Kelis called out the superstar singer and The Neptunes for “theft,” over an interpolation of “Milkshake” on the new track “Energy.”

Rolling Stone reports Apple Music and Tidal have removed the interpolation, although it currently remains on Spotify and YouTube.

The original version of “Energy” featured Beyoncé singing a variation of “la-la, la-la, la” from the Neptunes-produced “Milkshake.” (Kellis is not a credited writer on the 2003 song).

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Just before Renaissance dropped on July 29, Kelis took to Instagram to say she was not notified her chart-topping single would be sampled.

In a series of posts, she wrote: “It’s not a collab it’s theft. My mind is blown too because the level of disrespect and utter ignorance of all 3 parties involved is astounding.”

Kelis also posted a video on Instagram criticizing Beyoncé and The Neptunes producers Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo.

“This was a TRIGGER for me. ‘Milkshake’ alone is one of the most licensed records of our generation. I am a creator, I’m an innovator, I have done more than left my mark on an era of music and style that will go down in history,” she captioned the post. “But there are bully’s and secrets and gangsters in this industry that smile and get away with it until someone says enough is enough. So I’m saying it today . I’m coming for what’s mine and I want reparations.”

Kelis says in the video this is not really about Beyoncé, but more aimed at Pharrell.

It isn’t the first time she’s  spoken out about the producer. As previously reported, the R&B singer said she was “tricked” out of earnings by The Neptunes earlier in her career.

As for Beyoncé, she also changed, the lyrics to the song “Heated” on her new album after backlash from the disability community. The word “spaz” was removed after activists said it’s offensive to people with a “spastic” condition.

Beyoncé’s team has not released a statement or any comments on the changes to the album.