‘Basketball Wives’ Episode 2: Evelyn Starts ‘Happy Endings’ Rumor

Basketball Wives Episode 2. (Credit: VH1)

A new episode of Basketball Wives aired Monday night, and that can only mean one thing – new drama.

This time it was Evelyn stirring up trouble by spreading rumors about CeCe being a shady businesswoman.

While out for a walk with Jennifer, Evelyn claimed the streets – or really a trainer at her gym – were talking about CeCe having a history of getting close to men she met while working out.

“I’ve heard a rumor about CeCe before,” Evelyn said. “She would be at the gym, flirting around with the youngins and stuff like that, and doing who knows what with them.”

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CeCe was livid. But tried to rise above the drama. (Credit: VH1)
CeCe was livid. But tried to rise above the drama. (Credit: VH1)

Evelyn – who’s not exactly a saint – attempted to clean it up by saying CeCe’s alleged promiscuous behavior was “pre-her dude” – meaning before she started dating former Lakers player and coaching legend Byron Scott.

Jennifer then fired a shot at Byron’s age, saying: “Her man ain’t young.”

During a confessional interview, Evelyn threw more shade CeCe’s way:  “CeCe definitely seems nice and bubbly,” she said. “But I can’t get past her “big a– titties.”

Evelyn wasn’t done.

She later went to a vegan cooking class with Jennifer and Kristen, who’s married to former NBA coach Thomas Scott (Byron’s son). As the ladies ate, Evelyn spilled more tea about CeCe, who is a registered nurse and owns a medical spa.

She told Kristen, “I think the jury is still out on CeCe for me. I’m gonna keep it 100,” Evelyn said.

“Girl, I heard. I’m about to be real messy right now,” Evelyn admitted. “They were saying that, years ago, she’d be going around in the gym flirting with all the little young dudes.”

Kristen appeared stunned.

“You’re teaching me something,” she said. “Where the hell are ya’ll getting this tea from?”

“From the gym,” Jennifer chimed in.

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Tami accused Jennifer of being "messy." (Credit: VH1)
Tami accused Jennifer of being “messy.” (Credit: VH1)

Evelyn then repeated the rumor that there might be special services on the menu at CeCe’s spa, like “happy endings.”

Jennifer jokingly asked if CeCe offered a “$40 dollar hollar.”

Evelyn later admitted she realized “the happy endings part of the story” isn’t true. “But it’s definitely funny,” she said.

Naturally, word got back to CeCe, via Kristen, who said her father-in-law’s boo needed to know what was being said about her because it’s a “character assassination.”

After taking a Polynesian dance lesson from CeCe, Kristen told her and Jackie about the rumors.

“Evelyn and Jen heard that you went to the gym and maybe recruited men to go to your spa,” Kristen said.

“To do what? Botox?” a shocked CeCe asked.

Kristen then said, “From what they were told, I think it was something a little different.”

“Like a happy ending?” Jackie said.

CeCe was furious and said the rumor was absolutely not true.

“That is insinuating prostitution,” she said.

Later, after meeting up with Tami, CeCe and Malaysia, Kristen and Jackie confronted Jennifer about the rumors.

Tami kicked things off by calling Jennifer “Messy Mona.”

An angry Jennifer said she and Evelyn were just making a “joke” about the rumors.

“Oh okay. This is all eyes on me,” Jennifer said. “Evelyn was there for this whole conversation and I’m just like ‘okay, I can handle this.’ But I’m out here by myself.”

CeCe said the rumors “hurt.”

Malaysia – who is Byron’s cousin – then said she didn’t think CeCe was angry enough.

“I don’t want her to be walking around as a h-e,” Malaysia explained.

Jackie also thought CeCe was too low key, and insisted she should be “jumping down Jen’s throat.”

CeCe then said the rumors were “fake news” and “it just needs to end.”