Ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Says Evidence Against Former Boss Is ‘Irrefutable’

Michael Cohen sat down with Al Sharpton on MSNBC to discuss the case against former President Donald Trump on Saturday, March 18, 2023. (Credit: MSNBC)

Michael Cohen, the ex-personal attorney for former President Donald Trump, said prosecutors in New York have “irrefutable” evidence against Trump.

Cohen made the statement during an interview Saturday, March 18, on Rev. Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show, Politics Nation.

Trump faces what’s been described as an imminent indictment over a hush-money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels, to keep quiet about an alleged affair with Trump.

“No one is above the law,” Cohen said in the interview.

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The attorney pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in federal prison in 2018, for tax evasion, making false statements, and campaign finance violations related to arranging the payment to Daniels.

“So if it was good enough for me to go, it should be good enough for him,” he said about Trump.

The interview was recorded shortly after the former president posted a statement on social media saying he expects to be arrested within days, and urged his supporters to “Protest, take our nation back!”

“Illegal leaks from a corrupt & highly political Manhattan district attorney’s office … indicate that, with no crime being able to be proven … the far & away leading Republican candidate & former president of the United States of America, will be arrested on Tuesday of next week,” Trump wrote Saturday on his Truth Social app, according to Reuters.

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Cohen compared the case against the former president to the one against late gangster Al Capone, who was convicted in 1931 of tax evasion.

“The law is the law, the same way under the Capone, the Al Capone theory. They couldn’t get him for murder, racketeering, extortion, they couldn’t get him for bootlegging or any of the other crimes. They got him for [tax evasion].”

Cohen added that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg “is not making a mistake.”

“The team that is putting this case together, they’re very competent. They know all the facts,” he said.

Cohen, who served as Trump’s fixer for years, acknowledged that he’s being attacked by conservative media outlets for doing interviews criticizing Trump. But the attorney seemed unfazed.

“That’s okay. Very much like when I went and I testified before the House Oversight Committee, I come with the facts,” he said. “I come with the documentary evidence.”

Sharpton noted that he’s been a spiritual advisor of sorts to Cohen for years.

“You called me to have prayer with you before you went to jail, and I talked to you while you were in jail,” Sharpton said, adding, “a lot of anguish.”

The full interview with Michael Cohen can be viewed here.

35 thoughts on “Ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Says Evidence Against Former Boss Is ‘Irrefutable’

  1. Cohen wasn’t sent to prison for solely campaign finance laws, that was only a small part. The large part of his conviction and prison time was tax evasion for failing to report certain income of over $4 million!

    Stop spreading disinformation and gaslighting the public!

    1. My, my how times/parties have changed. I remember when Bill Clinton was charged with felony purgery in the Lewinsky case. The (D)s defended it & him, & the (R)s complained to no end. Now t(R)ump caught with his pants down/felonies, & (D)s are ready to prosecute, while the t(R)umplicans are crying bias/witch hunt.

      (R) = (D) = UNACCEPTABLE

      Common Sense

      1. Actually the prosecution has been bipartisan. The only noise from the right has been the worker bees. They are fulfilling the role they accepted and to admit they may be wrong is not an option. The idea that a person told them what they wanted to hear and openly mocked them for it isn’t something their cognitive dissonance will allow to accept. the Trump people are not conservatives and this is not a left versus right thing. The suggestion of this is insulting to real conservatives but the Trumpers turned on them as well.

      2. Yeah, the D’s never with hunted Trump. The R’s are halucinating aren’t they? Making things up aren’t they?

      3. Witch hunt it is. No mention of Hunter’s Laptop by the MSM & a buried story about VP Joe threatening to withhold a few billion dollars of aide to Ukraine unless a special prosecutor was removed from investigating a company Hunter has ties to. Now, the same Hunter has ties to a Chinese energy company which conveniently received a few million barrels of US Crude all along POTUS Joe in charge. These are more of a concern than Trump and a hooker. BTW, when Slick Wille and Ms. Lewinsky were doing the cigar and stained dress thing, this country thought not it a big deal. How the MSM and the D’s have control of things.

        Do NOT trust DC & their elitist allies.

      4. Felonies? He is being charged with a misdemeanor that is past the statute of limitations first of all, and since when it a non-disclosure agreement illegal? This is such an utter joke and does nothing but help Trump

      5. They are all pathetic. Until we the people figure that out we can keep shelling out cash.

      6. They are all corrupt. Both sides. They use the peoples money like there own piggy bank.

      7. You seem to only remember the parts of the stories your leftwingnut twitching brain wants to remember. First of all, the event Trump is being accused of happened in 2006. Do you understand the “statute of limitations” rule? Second, the leftwingnuts only want to stop Trump from qualifying for another presidential run because they’re afraid of him. The left has been proven to have undermined him with lies and fabricated media stories from Day One of his presidency. So get your facts in order before you excuse the left’s behavior. I never met a lefty who wasn’t a conniving, whining shlt weasel. You’re a lefty, aren’t you? lol

      8. The difference being Clinton was a sitting President who admitted the affair – while Trump’s indiscretion occurred BEFORE becoming President. This is a with hunt. The old Beria way of doing things in Communist Russia – “show me the man and I will find you the crime” Is this the kind of police state you want to live in?

    2. Spending 4 years with Pence should be punishment enough. Now Bubba owns him.


    3. Yeah its funny how everything gets water downed for the lefts benefit. Not reporting income is a crime and the x-con knows it

    4. The best part is he’s being interviewed by Al Sharpton who, at one time in the recent past, owed the IRS over $4M in back taxes. He has reportedly since repaid about $2.1M of that, but if it were you or me the IRS would own us by now.

    5. Everything you just spewed is in the article. Your home schooling must not be paying off.

  2. NOBODY has EVER gone to Prison for this “campaign finance” violation. It’s ALWAYS a civil fine.

    Scumbag Felon Michael Cohen went to Prison due to a $4 Million Dollar Tax and Bank
    Fraud Scheme!!! Having ZERO to do with Donald Trump!!!

    Please stop being so stupid…Any Questions???

    1. Ok, we’ll just have to settle for tar, feathers, drawn, quartered & exiled to Russia.

      Case closed

      Forward Observer

  3. Trump having sex or even paying hush money, these are not crimes in itself! THE CRIME PART COMES FROM HOW TRUMP REPORTED IT ON HIS INCOME TAX. And that’s where he broke the LAW ! Yet MAGA are to stupid to grasp that! As for GOV coming after us? They only go after folks who commit crimes like Trump and the likes!

    1. Simple mistake .. he should have filed it under T and A.. instead of T and E .. but luckily for TRUMP she swallowed ALL of the evidence in this case and he’ll GET OFF once again!

  4. No one is above the law? Bull sh *t. The Clinton waped a lady and never was investigated. He paid of hush money to Paula Jones and nuth’n happened. Hillaryous deleted evidence of emails, conducted unlawfool Feral business over a toilet in her house and was never investigated or arrested. Many more, many more of their treason but never looked into.

  5. LOL! Cohen a convicted felon larcenist tax evader perjurer interviewed by dumb as a rock fat buoy sharpton the serial liar and felony tax evader. You can’t make this stuff up!

  6. How man “irrefutable” case against Trump have crumble before the public accepts we are closing in on a decade of endless witch hunts.

  7. It is entertaining. Trump is happy about the publicity. He will not be convicted. So where is the problem?

  8. No evidence is “irrefutable” when the statute of limitations has expired. As usual, Cohen is lying. Only a fool would trust an attorney who sells out his clients!

  9. I dont take the word of a convicted liar or an old dried up street walker. Bill Clinton paid hush money to women who accused him of ra pe, he didnt face no charges at all. This is the continuation of a political witch hunt and abuse of power. The abuse is a threat to our democracy.

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