5 Emotional Moments on ‘Being Mary Jane’ Series Finale

Being Mary Jane Finale Reception (Credit: BET Networks)

BET’s Being Mary Jane ended Tuesday night with a two-hour series finale that tugged at the heartstrings. There were breakups, a cancer diagnosis, a baby and a long-awaited wedding.

The final episode picked up where  Season 4 left off,  with Gabrielle Union’s character Mary Jane Paul getting a marriage proposal from boyfriend Justin. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for the couple.

Here are five moments that made viewers grab the tissues.

1. Justin Can’t Take It
After getting on bended knee and asking MJ for her hand in marriage, Justin (Michael Ealy) was hit with an unexpected surprise — his fiancée was expecting a baby and he wasn’t the father. The pregnancy caused a strain on the relationship, especially after Justin learned MJ had been implanted with embryos from donor sperm during their 48-hour breakup. The surprise was too much for Justin to handle. “I don’t even know how to process it,” he said before walking out.

2. There’s a New Man in Town
While leaving one of her pregnancy classes -– where she was the only expectant mom without a partner –- MJ bumped into a man from her past. It was Beau (Morris Chestnut), her old college boyfriend and he wanted back in her life. Beau was successful, divorced and ready for a family. He quickly fell in love with MJ and proposed. But she still had feelings for Justin. Beau told her: “You’re going to have to figure out who you want.”

Being Mary Jane Finale (Credit: BET Networks)
BET Networks

3. Mary Jane Has a baby
MJ went through a difficult pregnancy and collapsed at work during a live broadcast. She was forced to deliver her baby early and gave birth to a son she named Albert James Patterson. Despite being born prematurely and giving his mom a big scare, little Albert James was healthy and happy.

4. Kara Has Cancer
Things were going so well for Kara (Lisa Vidal), with a promotion at work and a man who loved her. Then came the terrible news. She had breast cancer, and with a history of the disease in her family, the doctor suggested she get a double mastectomy. Kara was naturally devastated. “I’m so scared,” she said through tears. MJ was there for her throughout the ordeal and even let Orlando know Kara was sick. He flew back from South America and asked Kara to marry him.

Being Mary Jane Finale (Credit: BET Networks)
BET Networks

5. Mary Jane Ties the Knot
While Kara was out on medical leave, Justin returned to Great Day USA to help with the show. It wasn’t long before he and MJ got back together and ended up having sex in a barn. After rushing to MJ’s house because of an emergency with the baby, Justin began to bond with the newborn.

While Justin was comforting the crying baby, Beau showed up and proposed to MJ. The finale then jumped to Mary Jane’s wedding. But it remained a mystery as to which man she would choose until the very end of the show. The camera then turned  and… it was Justin waiting to say “I do.”