Wendy Williams Sued for Libel and Slander by Photographer

Wendy Williams Show Season Finale. (Credit: The Wendy Williams Show)

Wendy Williams has been hit with a lawsuit by a photographer for airing footage of him on her talk show that suggested he is a “child predator.”

The Blast reported The Wendy Williams Show host is being sued, along with actress Hilary Duff, for libel and slander by photographer Darryl Wilkins.

Wilkins’ suit comes after Duff posted a video to her Instagram account back in February of last year, where she confronts the photographer for taking photographs near her son’s soccer game.

“I will just post this to my 15M followers on Instagram and let people know how creepy it is that this is what you’re choosing to do on your Saturday morning,” Duff said in the video.

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Wilkins defended himself in the video by saying taking photographs is legal.

In the lawsuit obtained by the Blast, Wilkins sued Duff for “reprehensible and despicable conduct including by innuendo that he was a child predator,” and he sued Williams because she circulated the video on her talk show and repeated what he calls defamatory claims.

The suit says these are “false statements because Wilkins is not a pedophile or child predator and was attempting to take photographs as a photographer and not as a paparazzi or stalker or with mal intent or evil wrongdoing.”

“Hilary Duff and Wendy Williams are facing general, specific, and punitive damages for their alleged malice, oppression, and fraud in that they allegedly knew their words were false and made statements with the intent to allegedly injure Wilkins.”

Wilkins says his business and reputation suffered after the claims were circulated on social media and on television.