‘The Big Cigar’ Trailer: André Holland Plays Black Panther Party Leader Wanted by FBI

The Big Cigar Trailer (Credit: Apple TV+)

Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton is a wanted man in the trailer for Apple TV+ series, The Big Cigar.

The six-part limited series stars André Holland and began streaming on May 17.

Apple released the trailer, which shows the Black Panther leader discussing his vision to empower Black Americans.

“I want to transform society. This is just the beginning, ” Holland says in the video.

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The FBI has other plans and launches a campaign to sabotage the group. The bureau declares Newton and “enemy of the state,” and begins a nationwide manhunt.

Newton and Hollywood producer Bert Schneider put together an elaborate plan involving production on a fake movie called The Big Cigar, to help the activist hide in plain sight and escape to Cuba.

The cast of the series also includes Alessandro Nivola, Tiffany Boone, P. J. Byrne, Marc Menchaca, Moses Ingram, Rebecca Dalton, Olli Haaskivi, Jordane Christie, and Glynn Turman.

Apple describes the drama as a “mostly true story” based on a Playboy magazine article penned by series executive producer, Joshuah Bearman (Argo).

Additional executive producers include Janine Sherman Barrois and Jim Hecht. Don Cheadle directs and co-executive produces the first two episodes.

The Big Cigar is now streaming with new episodes available every Friday until June 14.

Watch the trailer below:

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