Omarosa Calls SiriusXM Radio Host a ‘Lowbrow,’ ‘Bi-ch’

Omarosa on SiriusXM Urban View (Credit: YouTube)

Omarosa Manigault Newman’s latest interview promoting her book Unhinged descended into chaos.

The former White House aide sat down with SiriusXM Urban View host Clay Cane Wednesday, and within minutes they began to verbally spar.

The interview starts out cordially as the two discuss Manigault Newman’s 15-year friendship with President Donald Trump, her journey from “the projects” to the White House, and the impact Trump’s policies have had on the black community.

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But the conversation begins to unravel when Cane asks Manigault Newman about White House reporter April Ryan, who has previously said the former Trump adviser tried to get her fired from her job with American Urban Radio Networks.

Manigault Newman calls Ryan’s claim “ignorant.”

Cane then begins to question the former reality star’s credibility by asking her why she followed Trump to the White House if she considers him a “con,” as she states in her book.

As Manigault Newman attempts to explain how her feelings have evolved, Cane calls Trump “the oppressor,” as well as a “racist,” and tells his guest, “I don’t believe you.”

Cane then tells Manigault Newman she’s “a con artist as well,” and is only after “a check.”

She fires back, “you’re trying to make a viral moment.”

“You’re ignorant,” Manigault Newman says, adding that she thinks Cane is “cheap and lowbrow.”

She starts recording the conversation with her phone and tells him, “I’m going to post this.”

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Cane accuses her of having a habit of attacking “black folks in media,” and brings up her controversial appearance at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention last year in New Orleans.

Manigault Newman interjects and tells Cane, “you’re in the gutter.”

After an intense back-and-forth, Cane urges her to leave and says, “You don’t have permission to post that.”

“I’m posting that bi-ch,” she shoots back. Cane posted the video on Twitter.