Obama-Netflix Deal Triggers Conservatives on Twitter

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Credit: YouTube)

Some conservatives are so upset about former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama’s  production deal with Netflix, that they’re threatening to boycott the streaming service.

On Monday, Netflix announced it had signed the Obamas to a multi-year agreement to produce movies, documentaries and series.

President Obama issued a statement saying the former first family planned to use the opportunity to promote “empathy and understanding.”

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While financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed, Emmy-winning producer Ryan Murphy recently signed a production deal with Netflix that was reported to be in the $300-million dollar range.

Whatever the terms, the idea of an Obama-Netflix partnership did not sit well with some people who resurrected the #BoycottNetflix hashtag, and vowed to cancel their subscriptions.

“What a mistake @netflix has made!” one person, whose bio identified him as a Trump supporter, tweeted.


Another person wrote: “Cancelling our longstanding subscription to @netflix. The Obama deal was the last straw!!!!”


Someone else tweeted: “Sorry but not sorry! @netflix you have been deleted and canceled! Stop paying the obamas!”


A woman who goes by the name Cali Trump Girl chimed in: “OMG! Cancel your subscription,” along with a link to an article about the deal.

It’s unclear if the people using the #BoycottNetflix hashtag know that Mo’Nique started the movement against the company earlier this year over gender pay disparity in Hollywood.

We’re guessing they don’t!

Despite the Obama criticism, other Twitter users said the protest threats were silly.

“Watching conservative #snowflakes having a meltdown over the @netflix #obama announcement is funny stuff,” one person tweeted.

Someone else said people threatening to cancel their Netflix subscriptions were inspired by “hate and foolishness.”

Meanwhile a woman named Heather said Trump supporters make her “sick.”

Stay tuned to see how this all plays out.