Michael Che Scrubs Instagram Page Amid Anger Over Simone Biles Jokes

Michael Che on SNL at Home (Credit: NBC)

Michael Che apparently couldn’t take the heat and decided to chill on Instagram. As of Friday afternoon, the Saturday Night Live comedian had removed all but one of his posts from the app after coming under fire for sharing offensive jokes about gymnast Simone Biles.

On Wednesday, Biles withdrew from the women’s individual all-around gymnastics final at the Tokyo Olympics to focus on her mental health.

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Che took to his Instagram Stories to mock the U.S. gymnastics star.

“Man, I wanna make fun of Simone Biles,” one post said, according to Baller Alert, which on Friday shared copies of Che’s posts on Twitter.

“I got like 3 mins of Simone Biles jokes in my head,” he continued. “Im going to the cellar tonight to say them into a microphone. As the dorky kids say I’m choosing violence.”

Others began to send Che punchlines about Biles, which he shared with his followers.

Among the controversial comments was a joke about Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor and convicted sex offender, who is accused of abusing gymnasts, including Biles.

“Goddamn that’s rough, absolutely tasteless 9/10,” Che commented after resharing the joke. He then rated a racist joke about Biles as 8 /10.

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As anger started to build, the comedian posted an Instagram Story claiming his IG account had been hacked.

“Maaannnn, I got hacked today,” he wrote. “Cant believe they got me. Yall kno I only do jokes about whites and cops. s’all good now, I changed my password and everything.”

The backlash was immediate with people criticizing the comic over on Twitter.

“Sexual abuse is not a joke,” tweeted @IsaLeeWolf

“This ain’t it. Goddamn,” wrote Twitter user @Exhaling9.

@Jazzy_Words tweeted: “His disdain for Black women has been apparent throughout his career.”

Che has since scrubbed his Instagram page except for one Story about the backlash and a post from Friday afternoon saying, “Somebody just threw doodoo at me!”