Kanye West Says He’s a Victim of ‘Economic Lynching,’ Compares Himself to Emmett Till

Kanye West and Emmett Till (Shutterstock and archive photo)

There’s no rest on Sundays for Kanye West and his seemingly never-ending tirades on social media.

Over the last few hours, the hip-hop star shared a string of posts, including one where he compared himself to Emmett Till, claimed he’s being lynched by powerful “business people” — code for Jewish people — and he attacked George Floyd’s family.

The most shocking post included a graphic photo of Emmett Till after the teenager was lynched in Mississippi in 1955. Instagram put a filter over the post saying it “may contain graphic or violent content,” but as of Sunday evening, the platform had not removed the post.

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The rapper — who now goes by Ye — included a lengthy caption on the post, calling out Ari Emanuel, CEO of Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor. Earlier this month, Emanuel wrote an opinion piece for the Financial Times, saying mental illness did not excuse West for his anti-Semitic comments and he urged companies working with the Yeezy designer to stop doing business with him.

In his Sunday post, West criticized Emanuel (whose name he misspelled) and tried to shame the media executive into helping the students at the rapper’s apparently-shuttered Donda Academy.

“Ari Emmanuel. Can you find a place for the Donda Academy kids to go to school that’s properly zoned for a school? I got about 60 children that have no place to be as they look to transfer,” West wrote.

He continued: “This is what modern post social media #Blackmirror warfare looks like… the children are not even off limits:
– Economic Lynching
– Digital Lynching
– Bankrupting my social credit score.
You tried to bankrupt Adidas and me at the same time. You tried to destroy my life after all the money I’ve made for the ‘business’ people.”

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Kanye West Instagram Post

Later in the post, the “Power” rapper accused Emanuel of “forcing” Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd’s daughter, to file a $250-million lawsuit against him for his recent remarks about Floyd’s death.

The post came shortly after West attacked Washington in another, since-deleted post, that was captured by The Neighborhood Talk and included pictures of Washington and her daughter.

“Now for Roxie Washington and Roxie Washington ALONE,” he captioned the deleted post. “I gave 2 million dollars out of my pocket for the family. To help George’s daughter…Your daughter! … Many gave words. I ACTED. Now because of words you want to sue me for 250 million dollars … when I’m going through an Economic lynching. A Digital Lynching. A Social Credit Score bankrupting.”

On Oct. 18, George Floyd’s family announced they were filing a $250 million lawsuit against West for falsely claiming on the “Drink Champs” podcast that Floyd’s death was caused by fentanyl use and not by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for 9½ minutes.

“We will hold Mr. West accountable for his flagrant remarks against Mr. Floyd’s legacy,” the family’s attorneys said in a statement.

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  3. Black entertainers should organize and legally challenge the media industry for anti-competitive practices and their ethnic majority. Stifling competition in industry causes price-fixing, slows innovation, and other antitrust conduct.

  4. Economic lynching? Yeah, I can see his point. But he married Kim K so I would not give him high marks for intelligence.

  5. Of course he compared himself to Emmett Till. The same way he has used him in song lyrics for superficial purposes. In his lyrics it’s not concerned with racism at all, just how he’s scared he’ll end up looking like him. SUPERFICIAL. He’s using the tragic death of a person due to violent racists to BENEFIT himself. Get help, Ye.

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