Joe Biden Sheds Tears in Emotional Appearance on ‘The View’

Joe Biden Appears on The View. (Credit: ABC)

Former Vice President Joe Biden broke down Friday during an emotional appearance on The View.

In his first interview since formally jumping into the 2020 presidential race a day earlier, Biden talked politics and overcoming grief following the death of his son Beau Biden from brain cancer in 2015.

The conversation turned to dealing with loss, when Meghan McCain brought up her late father, Sen. John McCain.

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The View co-host reminded Biden that he comforted her when he last appeared on the show in 2017, while her dad was battling the same form of cancer as his son. She said she’s called the Democrat several times for support, then asked him: “Does death ever get easier?”

“Yes. There’s gonna come a time when you think of your dad, or you walk by that closet or smell that fragrance or you pass something that he loved, or when you sit there out in Arizona looking over the creek,” Biden said, adding, “You’re gonna get a smile before you get a tear, and it’s gonna happen.”

Biden, whose first wife and daughter died in a car accident, reminded McCain, “A lot of people today have gone through so much more than I have… and get up  every day and do what they’re doing, without any of the help we’ve had.”

When the conversation shifted to why he decided to run for president again, and if his late son factored into his decision, Biden began to shed tears.

He started by discussing his book, “Promise Me, Dad.”

“He made me promise him. He said, ‘dad promise me, give me your word as a Biden, you will not back away,'” Biden recalled.

“What he meant was, he knew I would always take care of the family to the  best of my knowledge,” Biden said. “But he didn’t want me to withdraw from the things that motivated my whole life about trying to get engaged and change things and try to make things better.”

“I hope he’s proud of me,” Biden said through tears.

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