Rapper J Balvin Apologizes for ‘Racist’ Music Video Depicting Black Women as Dogs

SANREMO, ITALY, FEBRUARY 12: singer Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvin aka J Balvin performs during the fourth night of Sanremo Italian Song's Festival at Ariston theater in Sanremo on February 12, 2016. — Photo by arp /Deposit Photos

Colombian singer and rapper J Balvin has apologized for the “racist” portrayal of Black women in the music video for his single “Perra.”

“Perra” translates to “b–ch” in English. The video, which was released in September and taken down from YouTube on Oct. 17, showed Black actors in prosthetics that made them look like dogs and two Black women being walked on a leash by the 36-year-old Reggaeton performer.

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In an Instagram live video on Sunday, Balvin apologized in Spanish saying, “I want to offer a thousand apologies to all the people who felt offended, especially women and the Black community.”

That’s not who I am. I’m about tolerance, love and inclusivity,” he continued.

“As a form of respect, I removed the video eight days ago. But because the criticism continued, I’m here making a statement,” he added. “Mom, I’m sorry, too. Life gets better each day. Thank you for listening to me.”

Balvin’s mother was among those who criticized the video.

Balvin also gave a shoutout to Tokischa, the singer featured on the track, for empowering women. Yet some social media users were not buying Balvin’s apology.

@NirvanaTorres86 tweeted: “Now you’re famous and that’s why u don’t need to act more like a gentleman?! Your madre is very proud of you while hearing what you really think about her gender.”

@otroaraujo tweeted in Spanish: “Now is the moment to stop pretending like J Balvin continues to be cool.”

Twitter user @evermorare added, “J balvin is such a nasty and disgusting man.”

While @PAN_PELAO tweeted: “Balvin is a racist piece of sh-t. I don’t believe in him.”

The singer, real name José Álvaro Osorio Balvín, has not posted the full apology video on his social media accounts.