Azealia Banks Unloads on ‘Grifter’ Kanye West for Outbursts About His Family

Azealia Banks and Kanye West (Credit: Instagram and Shutterstock)

Azealia Banks trashed Kanye “Ye” West in a new interview, calling the rapper a “fu-ing idiot” for publicly airing out his family’s business.

The “Anna Wintour” rapper spoke with the U.K.’s Guardian for a wide-ranging interview about her new deal with Parlophone Records, hating Los Angeles, and disliking Kanye even more.

“I feel like Kanye has made it so garbage to be an entertainer with any opinion,” she said.

Banks previously collaborated with West in 2012 on what The Guardian described as “a handful of never-released songs.”

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Now the female rapper says she’s disgusted by the hip-hop mogul. She brought up a 2020 campaign rally during West’s run for the White House, when he blurted out that he pressured ex-wife Kim Kardashian to abort their first child, nine-year-old daughter North West.

Banks said the “Jesus Walks” rapper went too far.

“You’re a fu—ing idiot for basically sacrificing the mental health of your daughter,” she said, adding that she thinks West is constantly seeking attention.

“Just because you can’t get attention from Kim Kardashian, you turn it on your fu–ing daughter. Kanye, you’re an abusive asshole and you’re a pussy for picking on that little-ass girl,” she said. “You are the last person we need to hear from about Black fatherhood and the Black family unit.”

Banks herself has been criticized for problematic comments, but insisted “I deserve respect.”

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In another part of the interview, she shared that she can’t stand Los Angeles — because in her opinion — the city is too woke.

“Every which way I turn [in LA] there’s a Black Lives Matter sign,” she said. “There are no Latino Lives Matter signs. That’s not to negate any of the very real issues that Black people in America face, but in a rich state like California, in a neighborhood like Silver Lake – here’s Jenny with her fu–in’ like (uses Valley girl accent) biodynamic wine bar and her vegan cafe. She’s got a Black Lives Matter sign in the window, but sis, did you pay attention to papi who delivered the milk? Did he get a free cup of coffee? I had to go because I can’t do this – either COVID was gonna kill me, or depression. I’m going to fu–ing Miami.”

Despite Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis regularly making headlines for anti-LGBTQ and anti-Black laws — including this week banning advanced placement African American Studies classes in high schools — Banks said she feels “way safer” in Florida.

In her opinion, people in Florida “mind their fu–in’ business.”