Al B. Sure! Hospitalized for Surgery and Asks for Prayers

R&B singer Al B Sure walk the red carpet at the 34th annual Stellar Awards at the Orleans Resort in Las Vegas Nevada on Friday March 29, 2019. Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis. Photo Credit: Marty Jean-Louis/Headlinephotos

Al B. Sure! has been hospitalized — again.

The legendary singer, who rose to fame in the 1980s with hits including “If I’m Not Your Lover,” has been sharing updates on Instagram about his latest health setback and asked his friends and fans for prayers.

The first post on Tuesday (May 31), included a picture of the “Nite and Day” performer lying in a hospital bed as a nurse draws multiple vials of blood from one of his arms. He captioned the post: “#albeez around the world. Just getting it right. Love & Light! #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah.”

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The singer, who turned 54 on June 4, didn’t say why he was hospitalized or the reason he needed surgery.

In a follow-up post, he held up his fists and said he was going in for surgery. “I’m a #Brawler not a #Fighter. A very humble thank you for your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. I feel it! I’ll share more when it’s time to do so! Going in now but #iLLBeBack. #MountVernonWolves #HarlemAmerican but #MtVernon4Life #RumbleOGRumble #AllPraiseisDuetoAllah,” he shared.

Subsequent updates on his Instagram account were posted by members of his team. One post said the “Off on Your Own” performer wanted everyone to know how he’s doing, and his health and wellness “journey is almost complete.”

In a June 2 post, he appeared be doing much better and was pictured sitting up in a hospital bed and praying.

He said in the post he “made it through” and acknowledged the people who did and did not reach out. “I’m elated knowing who reached out and who couldn’t be bothered. My team is on top of it. You are forgiven but now you are forgotten. Love & Light,” he wrote.

This is the latest health setback for the singer. In an October 2020 post, he said he had undergone “major surgery” amid a series of health problems. He also revealed he was told he only had a few months to live if his condition didn’t improve.

“Thank you for the love light and prayers to get me through 2020. I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know,” he captioned the post. “Thank you Dr. Rosenberg for allowing me a few more years here with my loved ones. Hearing that I only have 4 to 6 months left if I didn’t fix me, was eye opening and mind boggling.”