Viola Davis Reveals Why Love Scenes in ‘Widows’ Left Her ‘Terrified’

Viola Davis talks to Extra TV about her new movie. (Credit: Extra TV/YouTube)

Viola Davis is sharing details about her frightening experience filming Widows with actor Liam Neeson.

Davis — who stars alongside Neeson in the crime thriller co-written by author Gillian Flynn and director Steve McQueen — told Extra TV that it wasn’t easy filming love scenes with her on-screen husband.

“I was terrified,” the actress said about the experience.

Neeson, 66, then tried to make a joke out of Davis’ remark, quipping:  “What’s that saying? Once you go black you never go back?”

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Although Davis and Neeson enjoy a comedic rapport, Widows is anything but funny. The movie follows four women — played by Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki and Cynthia Erivo — who step in for their criminal husbands after a bank heist goes wrong.

The group of new widows then band together to finish what their husbands started, an endeavor full of risk and uncertainty.

Despite the film’s serious tone,  Davis said she had a lot of fun with her co-stars off-screen.

“Our first dinner, all the girls were together, and it was very loud and whiskey and vodka were involved,” she said.

Widows premieres in theaters nationwide Nov. 16.

You can watch Davis and Neeson’s full interview below.

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