‘The View’ Fans Call for Meghan McCain’s Firing After ‘Childish’ Fight With Joy Behar

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Some frustrated fans want Meghan McCain removed from The View.

Calls for ABC to fire the co-host reached a fever pitch Monday after the conservative commentator got into a verbal spat with Joy Behar over immigration.

It all started during a discussion about Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s resignation Sunday, which prompted McCain to argue that President Donald Trump will win in 2020 if “we sit here and act like there isn’t” an immigration “crisis” in America.

The Arizona native also claimed that it’s not just “crazy people living in border states” who are concerned about border security.

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Behar, a Democrat, then brought up acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan’s plan to help Central American countries.

“Like I just said, this guy who’s coming in wants to help those countries,” the comedian said. “That’s the way to solve the problem. Keep them there happy… solvent. Give them a house. Give them food. Help them. Help their children. Stop the crime rates.”

That idea didn’t sit well with McCain, who shot back: “Give a Nicaraguan a house? We’ve had a bunch of liberal guests who don’t want to send in aid at all.”

“I’ve listened to you, let me finish,” Behar replied, to which McCain quipped, “It’s part of your job to listen to me.”

Moderator Whoopi Goldberg then interrupted, pleading: “Here’s what’s not gonna happen today — we’re not gonna do this.”

Goldberg wasn’t pleased with what was happening. (Credit: The View/YouTube)

Goldberg wasn’t the only one who was frustrated with the situation — after the episode aired, many fans took to Twitter to complain about McCain’s “childish” behavior.

“Wow. Just watched the show. Very immature and childish,” one person wrote. “Should have never gotten rid of Nicole Wallace. Fire #MeghanMcCain.”

Another person argued: “I watch #TheView every day. I appreciate having Meghan McCain’s conservative point of view. I even find myself agreeing with her at times. However, I don’t appreciate her childish antics. It’s annoying and takes away from the conversation.”

Someone else said: “Dear Producers of @TheView: Just because .@MeghanMcCain is the privileged daughter of a former U.S. Senator, does not give her the right to be a complete arse to her co-workers. The onus is on you to have her correct her behavior or fire her.”

“If the opening today on @TheView is not an apology by @MeghanMcCain for her disrespectful, childish, arrogant, condescending behavior then @ABCNetwork should fire her,” another person commented. “I think it’s important to hear both sides of an argument, but respectfully. Her Dad listened. Grow up Meghan.”

As of Tuesday morning, McCain hadn’t responded to the fans who called for her to be ousted from The View.

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  1. I completely agree with letting Meghan go! Or using your words “Firing After ‘Childish’ Fight With Joy Behar”. Here, here. And from you, a woman. Wow. Can’t get much more honest than that. Meghan should be let go because she will be destroyed on that POS show that you as another woman, supports. Why as a woman do you want to destroy her? WHY?

    MONEY. You will hurt another female over some $$$$. Or do you hurt another female because she is not a Democrat? $$$$ or not a democrat. What is your true moral soul? You will have to die with it, not me. THINK.

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