Steve Harvey and Neil deGrasse Tyson Debate Science Vs. Religion (Video)

Steve Harvey and Neil deGrasse Tyson on "Steve on Watch" (Credit: Facebook)

Steve Harvey and guest Neil deGrasse Tyson debated the tough question of whether science and religion are inherently at odds on the latest episode of Harvey’s new Facebook Watch talk show, Steve on Watch.

During the conversation, Harvey asked Tyson, “Does a person have to choose between science and religion?”

“It depends on what your belief in God has you also believe in society. For example, for the longest while it was believed by some that anyone who fell to the ground writhing and frothing at the mouth — they were clearly occupied by the devil,” Tyson said.

“So you get the exorcist priest, they come over, got the holy water and they chant some Latin words and then the symptoms dissipate… But of course it’s not the devil, it’s epilepsy. We know what that is. We have medicines for this,” Tyson added.

Harvey replied, “I believe in science. I believe in science’s work. It has a lot of validity. I was talking one time and a lady said to me, ‘I believe God created heaven and earth,’ but I said scientifically it’s been proven it came from a cosmic dust that spun into a ball of gas and it cooled off and we had earth.’ And I said,  ‘Where did cosmic dust come from?’ and she said, ‘It comes from the universe? I said, ‘Where does the universe come from?’ She said, ‘The galaxy.’ I said, ‘Where did the galaxy come from?’ I was just trying to get to a place where something formed from something.”

“You want to put God there? I don’t have a problem with that,” Tyson responded. “But why won’t you allow me to ask you where did God come from?”

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Harvey’s Facebook Watch series is a continuation of Steve, the comedian’s canceled talker that ended its run in June 2019.

Steve on Watch launched Jan. 6 for an initial 10-week run, with multiple segments debuting each week. The show features Harvey offering advice on issues affecting his audience, along with celebrity interviews. Harvey taped the first round  of episodes in Atlanta at Tyler Perry Studios. The series hails from Endeavor Content’s Film 45 and Steve Harvey’s East 112. Ianthe Jones serves as executive producer.

Watch the Harvey and Tyson segment below.