‘SNL’: The Weeknd Gets Stuck Singing ‘On the Couch’ in Musical Sketch

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The Weeknd, Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd tried to sing themselves out of trouble on Saturday Night Live.

The singer and the SNL stars formed a boy band and belted out a tune called “On the Couch.” The R&B track featured the three harmonizing and slow jamming about being forced to sleep on the couch instead of in bed with their lovers.

“Out drinking with my boys late at night, come home to my lady past midnight, she waitin’ up, she throwin’ me shade,” Thompson began.

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SNL On the Couch Sketch (Credit: NBC)
The Weeknd leads boy band in “On the Couch” sketch (Credit: NBC)

They then sang the chorus together: “So I’m sleeping on the couch tonight. She got me on the couch tonight. I did wrong but I meant to do right, now I’m sleeping on the couch tonight.”

The men’s significant others broke into song, with SNL regular Heidi Gardner reminding The Weeknd that they were done.

“We broke up five years ago. I got married to another guy. He’s sick of you crashing here,” she sang.

Her new husband was played by James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who served as this weekend’s host. He  threw The Weeknd out of the house leaving the singer to sleep in his car.