‘SNL’: Chance the Rapper and Jason Momoa Face Off in Court

YouTube video

Chance the Rapper and Jason Momoa faced each other in court this weekend on Saturday Night Live.

Chance, who hosted the NBC sketch comedy series, made fun of daytime TV court shows by playing Judge Barry, who offers swift justice and can tell if a defendant is guilty within ten seconds.

After the judge handed down several verdicts, in walked Momoa wearing a leopard print fur coat and large nipple earrings.

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In a cameo appearance, the Aquaman star played a live-in nurse accused of stealing from an elderly woman, played by Kate McKinnon.

“Now listen, your hombre. I see the way you’re looking at me right now and I know what you’re thinking,” he told the judge.

Chance’s judge started to laugh as Momoa’s nurse insisted he’s “not just some dumb gigolo” but a paralegal, although Momoa stumbled over his lines causing the audience to crack up.

“She stole from me first,” the nurse responded, leading the judge to ask what was stolen.

“My heart,” Momoa explained.

McKinnon’s character admitted that there were some sexual favors exchanged, but she insisted the nurse is a thief.

“I still want my money and my chandelier earrings,” she said

Judge Barry asked about the earrings. “What? These?” the nurse responded, ripping open his shirt to reveal the earrings attached to his nipples. “They were a gift.”

“Guilty!” Chance yelled, before calling for a recess.

The rapper also served as musical guest on the episode. Check out his performance of “Handsome” with Megan Thee Stallion below.