Joe Budden Blasts ‘Corny’ Michael B. Jordan for Calling Out Red Carpet Reporter

Joe Budden Podcast and Michael B Jordan (Credit: Instagram/Getty Images)

Rapper and podcaster Joe Budden tore into Michael B. Jordan for a now-viral interaction the Creed III actor-director had with a red carpet reporter.

On a recent episode of his self-titled podcast, Budden went off on Jordan — calling him “corny” and some other choice words for embarrassing “The Morning Hustle” radio host Lore’l.

Jordan’s awkward exchange happened lasr week at a screening of Creed III, when Lore’l reminded him they both attended Chad Science Academy in Newark, New Jersey.

“Oh yeah, I was the corny kid, right?” Jordan responded, referring to remarks Lore’l allegedly made about him on a previous podcast. Although audio obtained by The Shade Room after the red carpet exchange went viral, showed it wasn’t Lore’l but her co-host who said Jordan was corny.

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Anyway, Joe Budden was steamed that Jordan embarrassed Lore’l on the red carpet. Budden brought up race, and alleged that if the radio host, who is Black, had been a white woman, Jordan would have treated her with more respect.

“Doing that to a girl is some corny ni–er sh-t. You being Michael B. Jordan today, allegedly Sexiest Man Alive, and all of these blockbuster movies during your highlight week… and that’s what you do to her.” Budden said. “Why are you talking to our sisters like that on the red carpet?”

Budden added, “In case you were confused, that corny a– sh-t you did is why ni–ers think you’re corny.”

He then criticized Jordan for his dating choices and continued to pile on.

His co-hosts agreed, prompting Budden to say about Jordan and other wealthy male artists: “You ni–ers keep thinking that money hides corny.”

Jordan got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, so he’s probably not too concerned about being called corny.

Anyway, Budden is no stranger to controversy himself. He’s been accused of a lot of things, which the The Daily Beast detailed in a 2021 exposé.

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