‘View’ Newcomer Abby Huntsman Infuriates Fans With Colin Kaepernick Comments

Abby Huntsman discusses Colin Kaepernick at The View on Sept. 4, 2018. (Credit: YouTube)

Former Fox News anchor Abby Huntsman ruffled fans’ feathers during her first day as a co-host on The View.

The 32-year-old, who officially joined the panel in late August, got into a feisty debate Tuesday with her fellow co-hosts regarding Nike’s decision to feature former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick in its “Just Do It” anniversary campaign.

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Given Huntsman’s conservative views, people weren’t surprised when she argued it was inappropriate for the company to give the #TakeAKnee leader a national platform.

“You’ve got 54 percent that aren’t in favor of players kneeling during the national anthem, I come from a military family, so I fall in that camp, but Nike’s taking a risk here,” the ABC newcomer said, citing a recent poll.

The journalist went on to accuse Nike of  alienating Americans simply to gain press coverage, stating: “In their mind, it obviously makes headlines, everyone’s talking about it, but ultimately you are alienating a number of folks that would normally buy your brand and I have a feeling, if I know folks that are protesting this, they’re not going to buy Nike. They’re going to go to Reebok.”

Fellow co-host Sunny Hostin, who is a staunch supporter of #TakeAKnee, shot back: “Another part of that poll, Abby, is that 83 percent of African Americans — a huge component of Nike — are in support of Kaepernick, are in support of this Nike ad and you have half of the country that will continue to buy. In fact, I’m going to go buy some more Nike stuff!”

Hostin also went on to argue that Kaepernick is fighting for the “constitution,” which President Donald Trump’s administration continues to “bastardize.”

Whoopi Goldberg then chimed in, telling Hunstman: “What will help is if people can stop saying, ‘You’re disrespectful,’ and say, ‘I get it, I don’t know that this is the way I would do it, but I understand what you’re saying.’ That will do this [brings fists together].”

Many viewers sided with Hostin and Goldberg in the debate.

“Tell Abby Huntsman that Kap was not protesting the flag, anthem or military,” one person tweeted. “Does she think that Rosa Parks was protesting the bus?”

“Did any viewers ask for this girl Abby Huntsman??#TheView,” someone else asked.

“Dear Abby Huntsman: My father served this country, my uncle *died* in service to this country. Yours is not the only ‘military family,'” a critic remarked. “I support @Kaepernick7, I support @Nike’s use of him in #JustDoIt and I support #TakeAKnee. Welcome to #TheView.”

Watch the full debate below.

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